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Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

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"The rear tire on my 2000 Suzuki SV650 decided it was rapidly giving-up-the-ghost and destined to show its steel belts SOON, luckily while my riding buddy and I were near Provo. We were not planning to replace any tires (the Dunlop only had about 3,000 miles on it, and I normally get twice that out of a rear on the little 'Zuke). I thought I had PLENTY of tire for our (sometimes annual) l-o-n-g bike trip out of state. We were headed towards much less populated areas of UT when we stopped for the night on Sunday, July 23,2013. One look at the center portion of the rear tire after a few high speed Interstate hops, and I knew I had to decide if the tire would last the trip. Visions of being stranded 40 miles from Blanding, UT weren't appealing. I decided to see if I could find a replacement tire - and take it off and reinstall it on the bike if need be. A phonebook search for local bike shops that *might* have a suitable tire wasn't promising, unless we went in to Salt Lake City. We really dreaded that prospect! The hotel desk clerk searched online for us, and one of our choices was Escape Motorsports in Provo. Just down the road about 30 miles from where we were stopped! Long story short, they were open on Monday, had a suitable tire in stock (at a reasonable price!), and were VERY BUSY, but the Service Persons I worked with that Monday understood my predicament, and promised to try to work me into the shop that day, anyway. They did so, and I was back on the road by mid-afternoon. Thank you guys! I can't thank you enough! I can't tell you how happy I was to find out that Escape was the sort of old-fashioned (i.e. 1960's and '70's) bike shop that catered to riders. I don't need a bike shop to sell me a latte - knowledge, service, and sometimes going the extra mile for a customer beat the yuppie-shops all to heck!"
By: Sherry    Cheyenne, WY

"I worked with Mike Kelly and he was a great to work with. He did what he said he would do. When I picked up our machine it was spotless, battery charged etc. There were no surprises!!!!!! I live in Montana and worked over the phone with Mike. He took care of all the details. Shelly had the paper work ready to be signed when I arrived. Overall great experience. I want to replace my other ATV in a year or two and will call Escape Motor Sports to see what they have. "
By: Barry    Bozeman, MT

"Bryan was amazing to work with made it seamless and timely. I would highly recommend buying from him...."
By: Anonymous    UT

"When I came into Escape I had Ian and Cody help me out. They were so great, got my bike back in great time and was impressed with that. Thanks boys! You should do more advertising so people know where ya are, I was referred by a friend and had i known about you sooner i would have come to you before now."
By: Jenny    UT

"Me have problem with bike on road. I must stop at dealer to have service. Me try to fix myself but my skills are lacking. Me not no anyone in this state so I look in book filled with numbers. I find this number. I go to dealer and bike has broken pistons. Mike Kelly tell me I buy bike now. We do paperwork and I drive quickly back on my destination. I say this dealer is worth stopping if you have broken pistons."
By: Ricardo    La Porte, TX

"I am a Traveler that had a carb problem. The guys in service not only came to pickup my broken down Mcgullicutty with extreme swiftness...they had me out the door the same day! There was a tech that geriatric'ed my jet (since none were available at the time) so I could get to Boss Hoggin' down the freeway in no time. I always think that there are schenanigans and tomfoolery going on in motorcycle shops. Its definately hard to find one that doesnt make you get hot on the deal. The service department at Escape was honest and didnt get me on the chip at all. It was a great experience (well...if you can call breaking down a great experience) I will come back there if I EVER need any rigging of my motorcycle jones again. Thanks, RIck Robinson"
By: Rick     Panguitch, UT

"I have to say that the service department rocks. I had a tire done well after closing time and the lead tire exchange manager there is superb. He had my bike done in half the time they said it would take. I love Kevin and Forest. They are the best. I would recommend Escapes service department to anyone. Ian Hamburger is a great help as well. I appreciate it guys. Keep up the good work. OH TEN!!!"
By: Anonymous    Provo, UT

"I've had great success with the guys over in the service area. One time I came in with a flat tire about twenty minutes before they closed and asked if they wouldn't mind squeezing it in. They were great, even though I knew that they wanted to go home for the weekend. When they went to find a replacement tube, all they could find was an HD tube in stock, so they put that in and they only charged me the price of a regular tube. That made it so I could ride the next day. "
By: Anonymous    Provo, UT